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Chapter 7 is up.

I got really eager this week because I stockpiled the money to redesign my website with the help of Expand Design. I plan to make a business meeting with them in August. This will mean I will have to re-upload Adder's Kiss and LANCER, but I don't care. I find the...

Thank you. Chapter 7, July 31

I would like to give an extra big thank to all of the newcomers who visited my website, especially those who follow totempole666. For the record, totempole666 was the one who wrote me a thoughtful email, giving me advise on creating my website. His advise was...

I am no computer designer *pulls on hair*

So... I noticed that the comic plugin and the comic-press theme will only post webcomics in chronological order, no matter the chapter's content. I discovered this while posting part 2 of Adder's Kiss and turning to page 92 and instead the Lancer Cover appeared. But...

Chapter 6, part 2, June 27?

Hah! Finally! My fan-fiction for LANCER is finish and now posted in the Comic archive. For the Record, my friends and husband only played two sessions of the battle mech sci-fi rpg but they were super fun! I loved creating my pilot, Piper Cullens, so much I decided to...

Chapter 5 comes out Saturday (05-02-20)

Wow! What a terrible April. The Covid-19 Pandemic aside, I spilled ramen on my laptop, nearly frying my keyboard computer chip, and was attacked by my cat by accident one night. My cat heard this thunderous boom while we slept and went full Mortal Kombat on me in...

Chapter 4 due on Friday

Howdy Y'all! Thank you so much for revisiting my website on March 29th. Know that I am truly inspired by my close friends and internet readers for coming back to see my new material, again and again. That being said, Adder's Kiss, Chapter 4 will be published on April...

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