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Chapter 3 release and Lancer one-shot.

So Chapter 3 of Adder's Kiss will be up on 03/09/20. It's another small chapter devoted to the supporting characters, Johnny and Steve. They were really fun to write. I based their relationship after Scott and I's. Also, I'm finishing up a single issue based on...

Chapter 2 scheduled for Feb. 28

Hello comic readers! Just a heads up, chapter 2 of Adder's Kiss will be published at 11 am on Friday. I promise that there is no gratuitous violence in the next chapter -- it's a character exposition. Okay, I lied little bit. someone gets spanked with a spoon.

College Regrets

I utterly regret not taking web design in college...

Currently Under Construction

This webcomic site was just recently made. However it will be completed soon once I take a daily crash course on how post on wordpress. I'm an illustrator, not a web designer.

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