AK2 Chapter 10 launches April 30th. Pre-release Available!

By Stephanie Tunnell

Apr 24, 2022
AK2 Chapter 10 launches April 30th. Pre-release Available!

By Stephanie Tunnell

Apr 24, 2022

Hello comic-readers!

I am so sorry about the 6 month hiatus but I had a lot of work on my hands that was not Bright Abyss related. I will explain what I have been up to, and the status of Adder’s Kiss 2, and it’s some pretty good news. But first, let me elaborate on two projects I took up to fund the Bright Abyss. The two projects were also a much needed break from the cosmic horror I am use to illustrating.

Ivy Witch, first concept

I made a Children’s Book!

Between August and December of 2021, I illustrated an entire children’s book with a local author and friend, Paul Schumacher. The book is titled Ivy Witch meets Messy Dragon. Its a story about a little girl who uses her witch’s magic to help her neighbors overcome fantastical obstacles. In the first book, Ivy must help a young peasant boy recuse his older sister who was kidnapped by a red dragon. But when Ivy confronts the giant scaly-beast, it turns out the dragon has his own problems that need to be addressed, in this case, his messy lair. If you have any small children between the ages of 4 and 6, you can buy Ivy Witch on Amazon (here). It was a really fun project. And now I can check off “Children’s Book” on my bucket list.

Back into the Lunaverse, Return of the Exiles style.

The Sequel to The Children of Luna coming soon.

My east coast buddy, Curtis Carter, Master of the Lunaverse series (click here) sent me an email in January to do some more concept art and books covers for him. I can’t say much about all his projects. But I can now announce that his sequel to his sci-fi book Children of Luna will be coming out this year, 2022. A big congratulations!

Chapter Art for Adder’s Kiss 2, Chapter 10

Chapter 10 is Complete. Pre-release for Patrons and Donors!

When I was creating Adder’s Kiss 2, I was planning on publishing Chapter 10 in two parts. However, after drawing and lettering the first 13 pages, I thought the cliff hanger was too dark to leave off on. The reader would have to wait another two months before figuring out what would happen in the next scene. Plus, I had my projects with Schumacher and Curtis to complete. So I decided to postpone publishing the first part until I had the second part. And guess what? I finished part two already! Adder’s Kiss 2, Chapter 10 will be published on April 30th.

If you would like a pre-release or you don’t want to deal with my pesky loading times, become a $3 patron (here) and I receive a pdf issue of AK2, Chapter 10. You can also donate $12 (here) and get the full Adder’s Kiss 1 plus AK2 Chapter 10.

Thank you so much to my older sister, Curtis Carter, and Paul Schumacher for supporting my art.

And until next time my readers, and whatever you do… Don’t Blink.



    • Stephanie Tunnell

      Thank you! I mostly sit down all day, so it is very plump.


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